Mike O



    Growing up traveling the world was one of the many exciting opportunities my family made sure I was able to partake in as a young child.  While traveling the world, my eyes were mesmerized by the variety of shoes that people wore day-to-day.

 I was astonished by how most men who were 'dressed to impress' had a uniqueness to their dressing style. These men wore handcrafted loafers that were customized just for them, and could not be found in local stores. 

Mike O is where luxury and style meet with comfort, elegance, and charm. Mike O's inspiration comes from fashion capitals around the globe such as Italy. Materials used to construct Mike O loafers are directly hand chosen from Italy.

     From the color of the fabric to the stitching of the loafers, it is tailored to satisfy our customers. Mike O aims to provide individuality in every shoe.


Who we are

       Originally, shoes were made by hand. In present day,  majority of shoes are mass produced and thus lack quality, attention to detail and craftsmanship. At Mike O each pair of loafers is handcrafted by Mike O's head shoe cobbler. From the cutting of materials to the quality stitching, he is involved in every step of the way. Each pair of shoes is handcrafted to our clients' individual taste.

   In an effort to bridge the education gap in the community in which the production of the shoes take place, Mike O gives back by advocating education and vocational training. The brand also plans on building a vocational school to give back to the community where the head cobbler resides.

     By doing so, Mike O provides the avenue of offering the world the abandoned art of traditional handcrafting while influencing the life of the cobbler, community, and consumer.